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SUCCESS...measured by clients

"enlightening, transformative"

 “Now three years later, I can tell you that your workshop was enlightening, transformative and delivered a lasting positive impact on me.  You really helped me remove some of the scotomas that were causing me to not see myself and/or the world around me accurately, and you helped me engage my reticular activating system so that I could see the path ahead more clearly….Your curriculum and instructional processes are very strong, but YOU are the force that really makes the difference.  You are blessed with knowledge, authority and professionalism, but you also possess a humility that allows people to connect with you, the material and the other attendees in ways that are truly transformative.”  


Reggie Rivers


Rivers Enterprises


"energizes and synthesizes core principles"

"Michanda Lindsey in just a few sessions with my team has transformed the way we think about serving students, the program and ourselves. She energizes and synthesizes core principles in a palatable way. Her energy and enthusiasm for the work she is doing is inspiring. After the three sessions we had workable take-aways to impact students and staff in a more intentional and meaningful way. If you would like to speak with me in more depth about Michanda, please feel free to call or email me at, (303) 770-7660. I encourage any business, school or organization to hire and work with Michanda. She will transform your thinking in a positive, focused and intentional way."


Christine Vaughan

Executive Director

Breakthrough Kent Denver

"lasting impressions on every member of the team"

"The training we received from the Culture of Excellence work shop added common vision  to the Indiana Tennis program. What we learned and continue to learn from the teachings has made where we can implement depth into every thought process to gain an advantage on our competition.  Michanda’s step by step detailed approach where she was rigid enough to have a detailed plan but flexible enough to give us what we needed at the right time made a lasting impressions on every member of the team and helped give me a format to search out a vision for the entire team to passionately chase after.

 Tremendous communications skills along with a strong sense of professionalism kept every presentation on point with the overall message, but the sense of care and understanding is what I think separated Michanda. What was most evident to me  and the reason I am would recommend Michanda to run any workshop she has to offer is she is a wonderful person with a  very useful product."


Randy Bloemendaal

Head Men's Tennis Coach

Indiana University

"a major breakthrough"

“On top of being an ethical and conscientious human being, Michanda is an excellent facilitator who gets results for people both professionally and personally.  I speak from experience. I took the “Culture of Excellence” workshop and it was transformational. I learned how to discover blind spots that were holding me back from reaching my full potential.  She helped me realize that my subconscious thoughts were dictating my behavior and limiting my outcomes.  This was a major breakthrough because she also taught me how to ‘reprogram’ those negative thoughts to get the results I want.  As an executive coach myself, I can really appreciate her professional style, grace and integrity.”


Molly Hughes (Former KCNC-TV News Anchor/Reporter)

Speech and Media Preparedness Coach

Colman Coaching


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